Police implemented a road closure in a major road in Gloucestershire during the peak hours due to a car crash incident.


A major road in Cheltenham, a town in Gloucestershire, was closed during the peak hours on Wednesday.

Police of Gloucestershire closed the road due to the vehicle crash incident that happened in the area. It was reported that it was a car crash which involves four vehicles. Specifically, the incident happened at A4015 Montpellier Walk and Hatherley Road, also known as Texaco Roundabout. Fortunately, the police reported that all of the passengers of the four vehicles are safe and have no injuries.

However, the incident left a huge mess on the road. Therefore, the police decided to implement a road closure in order to remove the damaged vehicles and clear the area of the incident. The police of Gloucestershire considered the time of the incident as well in deciding for road closure since it happened in the time when most of the people will commute and the road will be crowded with vehicles.

The police closed the A40 Lansdown Road for about an hour. The road closure was executed in both routes at exactly 4:35 in the afternoon. The police opened the road again to the motorists around 5 in the afternoon.

The police prompted the public to expect heavy traffic in the said area.

Actually, a series of car crash incidents already happened in the place. Therefore, all local motorists should always be reminded to drive safely in order to avoid this kind of incident.  It is advisable that motorists should avoid speeding, distractions such as using a cellphone while driving, and especially, drunk driving. These actions were determined to be one of the causes of car accidents on the road. So instead, the qualities of being vigilant, knowledgeable, calm, patient, considerate, and cautious should be considered when hitting the road.


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