Are The Laws Ready for A No-Deal Brexit?


The Government is facing an extremely significant threat that laws will not be passed before the no-deal Brexit.

Brexit bills are in danger of not becoming laws before March 29, 2019, as said by the Institute of Government (IoG).

About half of the 600 legislative instruments have not been tabled up until now. This highly suggests that the laws will not be passed before the Brexit.

There are six outstanding bills waiting to be passed before the no-deal Brexit, namely:

  • Agriculture Bill
  • Fisheries Bill
  • Healthcare Bill
  • Trade Bill
  • Immigration Bill and the
  • Financial Services Bill

There are a number of problems that are stopping the laws to be passed.

Firstly, the Government does not have control over the houses. In passing a law, the approval from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords is needed. Next, there is a deficiency of time for the parliament to discuss and approve bills.

The Parliamentary business cannot be controlled by the Government since every part of the legislation coming from both houses are being hijacked by groups that are either pro or in opposition to the Brexit.

In theory, the legislation of these laws can be hurried through Parliament. But in doing so, the risk of bypassing important screening and revising is significantly high.

Since last summer, the Government was criticized highly by The National Audit Office because it was obvious that their preparedness for Brexit was not met seriously.

Setting up strategies for passing the laws before Brexit was not done immediately after its referendum last 2016. But the IoG suggested that even if the planning was started without delay, it would still be very challenging to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

All these problems would only be solved if Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minister, will obtain a possible Withdrawal Agreement from the two houses.


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