Calls for a Second Brexit Referendum in Cornwall


Cornwall Council has voted to support calls for a people’s vote on Brexit and the deal to leave the European Union.

The long debate ended with the council voting to support a people’s vote, with 47 councillors in favour, 40 against and four abstaining.

Liberal Democrat group leader Malcolm Brown had several concerns about the potential impact Brexit could have on Cornwall’s economy.

He was of the opinion that remaining in the European Union would provide the best economic prospects for Cornwall.

“If a second referendum takes place I am very confident that the result will go the other way and would be more decisive than the previous one as people are more aware of the economic disadvantages.” He said.

St Columb Major councillor, Mike Thomas, rejected the idea of a second vote and believed that the final decision should be left to Parliament.

Independent councillor Tim Dwelly said that while it was “no secret” that he was a remainer, he said Cllr Brown’s motion was “extremely unwise”.

However there was disappointment in the chamber when 21 councillors lost out on the chance to give their views after councillors voted to end the debate and go to the vote.

A second part to the motion called for the council to support the UK’s continued membership of the Council of Europe and other European bodies not linked with the EU.

It also called for the council to retain its office in Brussels.

That part of the motion was also supported with 49 in favour, 38 against and three abstentions.

Author: james