Coachloads of Dorset residents joined The People’s Vote March in London


With 6 months to go before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on March 29, 2019, a huge number of UK citizens are still demanding for a new referendum.

Over 670,000 of them stormed the streets of London to demand another referendum on the final Brexit deal. In contrast to the protests organised in June, this march garnered widespread participation from citizens from all walks of life and age brackets.

The People’s Vote March commenced at the Park Lane and continued to the Parliament Square. As expected, the huge crowd caused a gridlock that lasted for hours. Some celebrities and politicians, in their speeches, implored the government to listen to the demands of its people.

The mayor of London also had something to say to the cheering crowds, while other celebrities used social media platforms to ensure the march went viral. The celebrities present include Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis, Entrepreneur Deborah Meaden, TV presenter Richard Bacon, comedian Jenny Eclair, and others.

The People’s Vote March was indeed an all-inclusive affair, and with the massive buzz it created, one can only expect the government to respond favourably to its people. TV chef, Delia Smith put it succinctly when she said,”my message to MPs is please sort this out. Let the people you serve have their say.”

Author: Logan Powell


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