Hundreds of Bath Remainers joined London March for a People’s Vote on Brexit – Summary


As early as 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct 20, scores of Bath City citizens trooped out in their numbers to join the walk against the decision of UK to leave the European Union. An estimated 420 remainers (anti-Brexit supporters) were reportedly conveyed in 9 coaches from the centre of Bath to the capital, London. A group called ‘Bath for Europe’ noted that it received loads of requests from the people to join the 9 coaches (which appears to have been insufficient to cater for all). Students of Bath SU were not left out of this ‘all important’ march as a coach was organized for them.

One of the protestants, Andrew Ockwell, expressed his reservations about Brexit and why he was participating in the march. He claims the move to leave the EU is unwise and unnecessary, and to top it all – absolute madness. While Andrew only had strong words to deride the entire process, Peter Knee, had a more intelligent opinion. He insisted, “we’re marching because we don’t like being lied to. We’re marching for our grandchildren, we’re marching because Brexit is a really stupid idea.” Oh yes, he did throw tantrums in the end.

Generally speaking, the organization and mobilization of people from different parts of South West England for this march was top-notch. An estimated total of 40 coaches full of ‘Brexit agitators’ were conveyed to London’s Park Lane – where the trek began. At the end of the day, the people had their say in a peaceful manner, but one can only wait to see if this march eventually makes any real impact.


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