Why MPs Are Interested in Bristol Bus Service


Members of the House of Commons Transport Committee are to visit Bristol to hear about the health of bus services.

While passenger travel has reduced in areas outside London in the past 25 years, bus travel has increased in Bristol by 40 percent in the past decade.

The Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Lillian Greenwood, highlighted the importance of passenger experience in bus service.

She said, “We want to understand how councils and bus operators work together to provide the service relied upon by so many people, particularly as Bristol City Council looks to approve its transport strategy up to 2036.

“In our first hearing on buses outside Westminster, we’ll be putting questions to the Mayor of the West of England, Tim Bowles; Jason Humm –Head of Transport, West of England Combined Authority; Karen Rose–Community Transport Adviser and Derek Fishpool, both from Devon County Council and Ralph Ellis, Public Transport Officer at Plymouth City Council.

“During the day, we’ll also be seeing the new gas bus run by First as well as meeting the Mayor, Marvin Rees, and representatives at Bristol City Council.

“To mark UK Parliament Week, we will follow our evidence session with a townhall style Q&A with the public. This is where the audience turn the tables on us and quiz us about the Committee’s work.”

The committee has already received more than 100 submissions from individuals and groups concerning bus travel.


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