“Prank gone wrong”: Fake Parking Ticket in Bridport


A troublesome prank rebounded when the court issued a warning regarding the fake parking ticket fraud that revolved around Bridport in Dorset.

Last Tuesday morning, a warning was issued by the Dorset County Council (DCC). Authorities mentioned that it could be the works of a vigilante group, or it may be a fraud planned by mischievous organizations.

The warning spread all over the internet and was shared countless times on a number of social media platforms.

Lee Sugden, a citizen who also resides at Bridport, communicated the sister paper of Dorset Echo. Mr. Sugden admitted of placing the fake parking ticket on a campervan owned by his friend as a parody, Bridport News confirmed.

Campervan parking is disputable in Bridport since it sometimes gets complained. So when he knew that his friends owned a campervan and parked it on South Street last Monday night, that’s when he decided to play the prank. That’s what Mr. Sugden told the news.

The people in question are friends of Lee. And they recently bought the huge campervan.

He thought of the prank when he saw his friends’ campervan parked on the said street.

But both his friends failed to see the back of the ticket and that it was a prank. The owners of the campervan quickly contacted the council about it. Lee reasoned that it was clearly stated on the fake ticket that it was a prank.

The incident was nothing serious; it was only a prank gone wrong. The event was just shared too much on social media. The supposed prank went viral– that’s why it made such an impact.

A conundrum surrounds the fake parking ticket incident since the DCC received reports of two scam incidents. One in St. Michael’s Trading Estate and the other one at South Street.

If ever you’ll receive a parking ticket, you can confirm it if it’s genuine by contacting the DCC or by calling 01305 228110.



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