Primary School Head Teacher Banned from Teaching for One Day of Misconduct


With more than 30 years of experience, Kim Wild, a head teacher of Bere Alston Primary School in Devon, has been banned from the teaching profession for the next two years due to an act of dishonesty.

Miss Wild’s act of dishonesty happened during the SATs exam in May 2017 when she allegedly over-assisted the pupils in answering the tests. When the Teaching Regulation Agency disciplinary panel heard of such misconduct from a reputable teacher, they immediately conducted an investigation to clarify the allegations. When the disciplinary panel found out that the allegations were true, they annulled the exam results of all the pupils in all subjects.

The disciplinary panel said that her misconduct took place on a day when she was under great stress and pressure. But they added that regardless of the reason, her action was still an act of dishonesty and hence, should not be tolerated. The chief executive of the Teaching Regulation Agency, Alan Meyrick, said that, although her being dishonest only happened for a day, it is still a serious form of dishonesty on her part as a head teacher. The disciplinary panel came to a decision to prohibit Ms. Wild from teaching indefinitely and cannot teach in any school in England.

Many of his colleagues described Ms. Wild as an “exceptional headmistress” who has brought some great achievements to the school. She had helped the school achieve 2 outstanding Ofsted inspections and is considered as the school’s foundation.

This 61-year old teacher has been teaching in the said school since the year 1983, and became a school head starting the year 1992 to the year 2017. Having rendered her service as a head teacher for more than 30 years, Ms. Wild surely felt deep shame that her career ended in such a disreputable manner.


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