Public Afraid of Torquay Church fire will reignite


Over 40 fire crews responded on a fire incident at a deserted church at Meadfoot Road. The burnt building is commonly known as Rainbow Fun House.

Firefighters who have helped in extinguishing the huge fire for the last seven hours in Torquay said that they will be at the area all night.

The fire department responded after receiving 20 calls from the citizens at approximately 2 pm in the afternoon.

Danes Castle provided aerial ladder equipment, Totnes added a Newton Abbot accompanied with a command support vehicle and a sum of seven fire engines were deployed by Paignton and Teignmouth to help in putting out the fire that consumed the abandoned church.

The fire crews will be in the area of the incident all night. The main worry of authorities is the bitumen just beneath the roof tiles, said Jon Miller, a manager from Devon and Somerset Fire Service group.

It is highly possible that the fire could flame up again since they just recently had visual of the underside of the roof where the fire had been.

The major hotspots were observed by firefighters, but the area that has had the most damage is from the roof space and below the roof tiles.

Curiously, the vintage ballpark remained intact and barely even damaged, the group manager added.

Meadfoot Sea Road, Parkhill Road, Torwood Gardens along with several areas remained closed as of the moment.

Fire and police officers stayed on the scene to light the collapsed building to check for possible areas for the flame to start again.

The aerial ladder platform helped greatly in extinguishing the fire located at the roof areas while also dampening the hot spots.

At 8:15 pm, firefighters reported that they are making constant progress in totally putting out the fire incident.


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