Raoul Humphreys Cornwall College Principal Quits After 18 Months in the Top Job


Raoul Humphreys resigned his job as head of the Cornwall College Group after 18 months in the job on Wednesday October 31 with immediate effect – making him the second principal to resign in as many years.

Two years ago his predecessor Amarjit Basi resigned amid controversy over his pay packet at times of staff cuts and financial turmoil for the Group after nearly 3 years on the job.

The Chairman of the board at the CCG, Ian Tunbridge confirmed the resignation and commended Mr Humphreys’ actions for the past 2 years having led the college through tough times and improving its finances significantly.

Mr Humphreys is the seventh in a series of high profile resignations across the college sector in the UK in the last month. It came as the college continues to be in financial difficulties.

March 2017 area review report for the south west laid emphasis on the lack of financial stability, non-viability and non-resilience of the Cornwall College.

A ‘fresh start’ approach was recommended to the college and a number of other colleges. The process entails colleges significantly changing their business or operating models and can include a change in senior leadership.

In an email sent by the Board to staff informing them about the news, a message from Mr Humphreys was also attached.

He said he was proud of the contributions he’d made towards the college’s financial recovery and “To expedite this process, I have decided to step down with immediate effect to allow a new team to implement the next phase of the college’s development.”

He gave no further statements after this.



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