Reforms That Cornwall Intends To Use To Arbitrate Community Funding


The passing of the Community Partners’ budget left most of the agents unhappy apart from the Cornwall Waterfest organizers. The Waterfest organizers were the only one that got the full funding from the city funding. The organization got $2000 when the rest of the organizers got a small percentage of what they had requested for from the council.

Suggestions on possible resolutions expected to end the stalemate between the organizers and the board.

The council has an option of coming up with reforming how the community partner funding should be. Carilyne Hebert is now mandated to come up with an allocation that will satisfy all the parties.

The council had allocated $66,000 for all the community groups for the 2019 budget. The total amount requested by the community partners was $122,830, thus exceeding what is budgeted. The deficit has left the council stranded on how to effectively allocate the funds among the six groups that had applied for the funding.

Hebert’s recommendation towards the amicable funding of all community agents.

According to Hebert’s recommendation, the four groups would receive $10,000 each. This amount is, however, less than what the four groups had requested. The four groups are the Centre Culturel de Cornwall, Agape Centre, Cornwall BMX Club, and Your Arts Council Cornwall and the Counties.

The African Carribean and International Association of Eastern Ontario were allocated $5,000 while Encore Seniors received $3,720. The allocations were independent of each other. However, the Community Agents complained that the mount was too little for their activities.

After the allocations, $5,000 was left unspent, and this left a heated debate on how to use the amount. Councillor Elaine MacDonald suggested that the funds be issued to the African Carribean and International Association of Eastern Ontario in a move to encourage more Carribean immigrants to start settling in Cornwall. Todd Bennett opposed the plan and suggested the money be issued to Your Art Council. However, none of these two ideas got enough support from the council. Hence, the money was left unspent.


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