Reusing of dumped products being promoted by Wiltshire waste council


With electronic and furniture waste piling up in the city, the city council has called for a plan of action to reduce the piles of dump lying around the county. By setting up various recycling centres throughout Wiltshire, the council aims to stop freezers, toasters, and furniture being dumped in landfills.

The committee decided to set up a system where people could leave their unused products at a given cabin on the site, and the ones in need could pick it up from there. Sven Hocking, chairman of the environment select committee emphasized the growing amount of plastic in the oceans and the need for recycling and reusing such products.

Cabinet Member for waste, Bridget Wayman further pointed out the problem of increasing fly-tipping around the county. With strict punishments and fines in place for such an activity, measures for the reporting of such incidents are being promoted in the public domain rapidly. With the grass cutting season getting near, the council hopes to clear all the litter lying around the county.

The increasing awareness of a clean and green environment in such small counties sends out a message to the entire world to take a step forward and save the planet.