Roadshow on Health and Social Care at Somerset


Healthwatch Somerset is an independent health and care champion that aims to provide the utmost care to the people. They have dedicated staff and volunteers who listen to what people want about local healthcare services and seek for improvements, which can positively help more individuals in the future. In addition, they also help people locate their needed information about healthcare within the vicinity. They work together with other organizations within the area for better provision of support and care for their patients.

As of this writing, they are hoping to communicate with at least 500 people from the county as part of its “Campervan and Comments Tour”.

The roadshow will be conducted at Frome Cattle Market car park on the 15th of March 2019, Friday, from 2:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon. It will travel almost 260 miles, touring around Somerset using a classic 1969 Volkswagen campervan and stopping at specific locations that attract people of all ages.

Healthwatch Somerset manager Emily Taylor said in an interview that they are hoping to reach at least 500 individuals across Somerset within a single week. They find the suggestion of hiring a campervan a brilliant idea as they venture places where Healthwatch may not be familiar to some people.

As mentioned, Healthwatch ensures that the health and care system in the area coincides with the needs of the people. Suggestions and opinions from patients alongside their families are much welcome by the team for the betterment of their services. The services offered include GP surgeries, hospitals, care homes, social care, and mental health. The feedback is immediately sent to the organizations that plan, pay, and deliver health and care services.

Somerset is a rural county located in England and that independent organizations such as Healthcare strive to reach more individuals and give them the freedom to speak by conducting a roadshow.


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