Rumors Fly Of Deadly Diamondback Rattler Loose On Totnes Streets


Residents of the laidback market town, Totnes, are on the alert for a deadly rattlesnake, reportedly missing and on the loose.

The news stemmed from a social media post of a resident claiming to have lost a pet snake from their premises in the South Street area. The said post identified the unusual and exotic pet as a “Western Diamondback Rattlesnake” from the venomous pit viper species.

This information that has gone viral has brought about intrigue and even bravado of those on the lookout for the once-captive snake. On the other hand, some doubts have also been cast on the truthfulness of such a claim. Totnes is divided on whether the information is genuine or not.

Nevertheless, Devon and Cornwall police departments do not discount the possibility of a poisonous snake slithering around the town. While this incident is still under investigation, authorities have heeded the public to refrain from actively seeking and capturing the diamond rattlesnake, regardless if the information is a hoax or not. By its nature, the rattlesnake is potentially aggressive and will attack to any threat on instinct.

Should anyone encounter the snake or has information of where it may be located, the public may report it by ringing 999 and referring to the police log number 704. Experts are prepared to handle its safe capture and return to the rightful owner.

Ownership and even permission to possess creatures that are of exotic breeds will be yet determined.

If this “missing snake” report is a true account, the wildlife experts cooperating with the police have established some possibilities to ease the public’s fears.

Firstly, the experts confirm that the risk to the people of Totnes is low at this time. Due to weather conditions, the warm-loving rattler will most likely be numb from cold or may even be dead. Furthermore, the snake is reported to have had its venomous glands removed. Although this is unconfirmed, this further lowers the risk of deadly harm to the public.

The Devon and Cornwall police will continue to reveal information as updates on this case unfolds.