Severe Two-day Snow Warning Alert Raised in Somerset


Met Office has declared its official yellow weather warning as Somerset region is now covered entirely in snow.

The weather authority has forecasted snow and frozen rain to drop during the day up until January 30, and everyone is expected to stay home or drive with caution as the road is slippery and dangerous during this weather condition.

Met Office issued this warning yesterday, covering up to the east Somerset border. However, a 10 AM warning from Met Office has also covered the weather warning up to Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset. This warning has been extended today up until tomorrow, January 30, Wednesday, and everyone is still encouraged to take proper measures to protect themselves from the icy chills and frost bites brought by this snowfall. Motorists and other vehicle drivers were also encouraged to drive with caution. Most offices have suspended work to protect employees and labourers from unwanted accidents when travelling to work. A spokesperson from the said weather authority has reported that the next few days will be rainy that would turn into snow and ice. The rain will move eastward through today afternoon and evening.

An expected 3 to 5 centimetres of snow will cover the region above 200 meters, with up to 10 centimetres in some areas of the region. Some areas along the lowland will experience little to no snow coverings at all, although they are still forewarned of road slippery caution and icy chills brought by the cold weather. The weather is expected to subdue after Wednesday as skies become clear on Wednesday night which will bring in more snow in some areas.

The Met Office is continually monitoring the weather and will announce the lift of the warning once the weather condition has subdued. Follow @MetOffice and @MetOfficeUK on Twitter to get live updates about the weather warning in the region.


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