Snowfall in Cornwall Closes Businesses and Attractions


The extreme cold weather conditions continue to cover Cornwall today. As a result, most of the businesses, amusement parks and attractions, and even the airport are closed.

The airfields at the Cornwall Newquay Airport were closed today. Most flights at the airport were either diverted to other airports or canceled altogether. The terminal remains open today, though, to accommodate passengers who had their flights canceled and make a workaround about their plane tickets. The famous indoor rainforest and garden, Eden Project, released a statement announcing the closure of the park following the extreme hazards the weather brings to their visitors.

Newquay Zoo, on the other hand, had posted a tweet announcing the closure of the amusement park as well due to the cold weather. So far, no announcements have been made yet when these mentioned establishments will open. The Ivyleaf Golf Course is also closed today, according to the establishment’s Twitter account.

Schools, colleges, and universities, on the other hand, were starting their classes later than usual or suspend some of it to accommodate the students who cannot go to school in time because of snow that covered most of the road. Most of the uptown and downtown establishments, pubs, and other businesses were also closed today, although some remained open for only a couple of hours due to understaffing brought by the cold weather. More businesses were declaring their closure today through their respective social media accounts. Most road vehicles were caught after the snowstorm, and drivers have left their cars on the road as it is deemed non-passable as of the moment.

Everyone is still advised to remain at home and prepare the hearth or set their thermostats to prevent chills and frost bites. Motorists and commuters alike were also warned of the possible road hazards brought by the snowfall.


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