Social Housing Builds falls by 77% in the South West


Since 2010, there has been a decline in social housing building in Wiltshire. Shelter, a housing charity, has been wanting to build more social housing by 2040. Building new social houses in Wiltshire declined in numbers from 504 houses to 6 social houses built in 2018, the affordable housing project bannered by the local authority increased from 660 to 1,081 in a span of eight years.

Social housing has been defined as housing that has costed 48% lesser from market rent for the same value of an equivalent house, unlike affordable housing that is 80% less from the market value. Affordable housing is also part-own-part-rent scheme, wherein one owns a share of the property while contributing regular rent over the other share.

Local authorities have been trying to keep up with the demand for a cheaper house. More affordable housing builds are increasing from the cuts of the subsidies intended for social housing projects.

The Wiltshire Council’s housing cabinet member, Richard Clewer, said that social housing subsidies would be more given in a totally ideal community. However, he also retaliated about the cost of building such housing projects and the council only has enough subsidy to initiate affordable housing projects. Shelter has been wanting to see 3.1 more social housing projects to be built for  young families, old people, and the homeless citizens of the town. They are rooting for this through the central government cash injection of £10.7 billion.

The housing charity organization has been trying to recommend to the government the 20-year house building program investment through a published report written by 16 commissioners who are all housing project experts. Commissioner Lord Jim O’Neill said that there is a need for a significant shift to see social housing as a national asset, just like any other structure. He also reiterated that a home is the starting block for any individual success, and giving the government’s focus to public housebuilding projects can be the key to national success.