A Look At The Number Of Same-Sex Marriages In Cornwall Since The Change Of Law


In 2014, England and Wales passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage. On March 29, 2014, Cornwall was preparing for the historic change in the law that allowed same-sex couples to have a marital union or hold a civil partnership ceremony.

Cornwall is popular when it comes to civil partnership and heterosexual marriage venues. At one point in Cornwall, 250 amazing venues were prepared for a potential overhaul of bookings by same-sex marriages.

So how many gay marriages have been hosted in Cornwall since the law took effect?

Between March 29 and April 6, following the acceptance of same-sex marriages, over 16 gay marriages and civil partnerships were hosted in Cornwall county. From April 6, 2014 to April 2015, according to Cornwall Council, 58 gay marriages took place over the 3,772 total heterosexual marriages.

Between 2015 and 2016, Cornwall hosted over 90 gay marriages with an increase of 114 between 2016 and 2017. 2017/2018 financial year saw a slight increase to 119 civil partnerships.

Over the six years since the legalization of same-sex marriages, Cornwall has seen over 383 civil partnerships and gay marriages. That is compared to 1800 same-sex marriages that took place in six years. The total number of same-sex marriages in Cornwall in under six years since the legalization of same-sex marriages gives the county a 1.98% of the total civil partnerships and same-sex marriages.

Legally, there is not much contrast between civil partnerships and gay marriages. Nevertheless, many people have praised the step for legalizing both.

It was not only England and Wales that allowed the legalization of same-sex marriages; several other countries also legalized gay couple union through marriages and civil partnerships. These countries include South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, Canada, France, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, and several states in the US.

Experts expect to see an increase in the number of same-sex unions not only in Cornwall but also in the UK and in the world. After all, same-sex relationships are beginning to be accepted by more and more people.


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