Children’s Charity Organization Barnardo’s seeks more volunteers


Barnardo’s is the longest running children’s charity organization in the UK that dates back to 1867. Determined to help the youth, Barnardo’s raised the awareness to support local shops in relation to the National Volunteers’ Week to be held on June 1 to 7.

In Palomino Place alone, 13 volunteers gave a total of over 4,400 hours at Barnardo’s local store. In the whole of Wiltshire, about 180 volunteers shared approximately 24,500 of their time for a noble cause. Moreover, over the South West Region, including the Midlands, above 1,350 people volunteered more than 263,000 hours for charity. However, while Barnardo’s is very much grateful for the kindness of those who shared their time and effort, the charity is still seeking for more volunteers to support children who are in need.

Barnardo’s run various local stores across the UK. They have book shops, children’s shops, discount shops, furniture stores, menswear shops, and sports shops. The charity has also 3 specialty stores such as the Barnardo’s Superstore where designer and “donated as new” products are sold. They also have Take 2 shops, specialty clothing and accessories boutiques, and vintage stores that focus on retro and vintage items.

Kayla Smith, Barnardo’s manager, said that volunteers usually give about an hour of their time every week. Volunteers can get to help in fixing the stocks, style window displays, and do other administrative works. Before going on the floor, volunteers are given full orientation and training. Kayla also shared that through volunteering, people can get a sense of personal fulfillment by giving back to their neighbor. She added that volunteering works are also a way to create a connection to others, form new friendships, and learn something new.

Barnardo’s is focused on opening opportunities for UK’s vulnerable children, young adults, and families for a brighter future. Donations are appreciated, which may come in the form of books, toys, clothes, accessories, and even just your time.



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