Somerset Dad Warns Parents About Used Needles And Blood In Public Toilets


A 28-year-old dad at Chard, Jonathan Clifford, found various creepy items that left him shocked and appalled in his public toilet experience in the area.

Clifford retold his experience at a public toilet at Boden Street about what he saw on the public toilet. After he had taken his loo, he was about to wash his hands when he saw a black package and a silver bowl that contains needle covers and drops of blood on it. He talked to his wife about it who, later on, advised him to report the public toilet incident to the police. He did so after and believed that they sent an officer to investigate this matter.

Clifford just can’t help but think about the children who would find themselves in the public toilet and the possibility of the child’s curiosity about the needles and the drops of blood. The items could be contaminated and even put the child’s health at risk. He included some pieces of advice to parents about how extra security, like adding CCTV footage on the entrance of the public toilet, could help and how parents should be extra careful in sending their children to public toilets. To him, it was a grueling experience as a parent to worry about what he saw and how this could affect kids using the public property.

The incident worries a lot of parents. One even shared on a Chard Facebook page about a similar experience. The worry of having children use public toilets with unforeseen sanitary conditions like this could put children using public toilets at high health risks. This incident is also a disgusting experience to many.

The incident happened in the morning, around 11 AM, and the paraphernalia found were suspected to be used by an illegal drug dependent or a careless sick person taking intravenous medications.