Somerset Man Convicted to Domestic Abused Sentenced to State Prison

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

A man from Somerset has been convicted from a domestic abuse case and was sentenced to three years of state prison. Deandre Ross, 34 years old from Somerset pleaded guilty last week in the Fall River Superior Courts to several charges accusing him of battery and assault which caused serious physical injury of a police officer, intimidation of a witness, and kidnapping.

The police officers at the scene have noticed that the victim contains severe swelling around her eyes while scratches were seen in her face and some parts of her neck. As the officers tried to interrogate and ask the woman, Mr. Ross tries to interrupt and claimed that the woman cannot remember as she was drinking too much. Furthermore, Ross suggested that there were other parties involved that caused the woman’s physical abuse.

However, upon further investigation, the woman admitted while being investigated in the ambulance that she and Ross had a drinking session in a rented storage unit before the incident happen. She told the police officers that Ross suddenly became angry at her and punched her in the torso and the face. The victim also claimed that Ross even uses a rag to tie him around the storage unit preventing him from leaving the area.

The victim suffered a broken nose, severely broken ribs, and a broken orbital as a result of the attacked. Ross was also guilty as he was seen kicking and spitting police after he was being taken into custody due to the statement of the victim.

Mr. Deandre Rose will also be put to supervised probation for a period of two years after the completion of his sentence.



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