Somerset Woman Sued for Homicide After Fatally Killing A Motorist Last December 2018


A Somerset woman was faced with homicide charges for killing a 21-year-old motorist on the road while driving her car in the approaching traffic.

The suspect, Christina Marie Wiederin, 31 years old, was alleged of committing a first-degree reckless homicide with the use of her car and a total of four felony counts of imperilling safety. As a consequence of her irresponsible actions, she will be serving 60 years in prison.

Apart from homicide, Wiederin was also charged for the illegal possession of a drug called Paraphernalia.

The Sheriff received several complaints about a woman recklessly driving on the wrong side of the road past 11 in the evening. Wiederin subsequently hit the motorist head-on in the highways 35/64 in Somerset.

When the authorities arrived, they located Wiederin locked up inside her vehicle that was positioned in the middle of the road.

Upon interviewing the suspect, she informed them that she was driving her way home from her friend’s house. Before going home, she had drinks but insisted that she could not remember how much booze she had. It was noted by one of the deputies that her voice was sluggish sometimes.

The authorities conducted a thorough investigation inside Wiederin’s Ford Fusion and found coke, rum, apple ale, an empty bag with a hint of marijuana inside, and a pipe positively tested for THC, a physiologic element of marijuana.

Several witnesses told the authorities about Wielderin’s reckless actions, including a group of high school students from Somerset who had to elude Wielderin’s car to avoid a head-on collision.

It was estimated that the suspect drove more than four miles on the wrong side of the road.

Wielderin was sent to the nearest hospital after sustaining injuries from the collision. A blood test was conducted on the suspect, and it showed a total blood alcohol content of 0.28.


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