South Bristol Residents Angry With The Mayor


A hall in Whitchurch was packed with south Bristol residents protesting against a mayoral proposed orbital road in their community.

However, the mayor stood firm and told them that the proposed houses and roads would be constructed whatsoever, and the residents should propose alternative routes instead of rejecting the projects. This idea played well with the residents, and they agreed to take part in consultations and propositions.

The road, once completely constructed, will pass through the southern edge of Stockwood, Whitchurch village, green fields and into Hengrove from the Hicks gate round about. 2,500 homes will also be built around in the Whitchurch area and in A37.

The hall meeting was scheduled after the mayor could not handle the many questions he was asked during a Q&A Facebook Live. And just like the many questions on Facebook, he was also treated to a packed hall waiting for answers.

There were so many residents trying to join and hear the conversation that the meeting had to be delayed for some minutes to allow the large crowd to find some standing space in the already packed hall.

The pressing matters that made residents oppose the projects of the proposed road that would run through the greenbelt include the impact that Whitchurch and Stockwood would encounter after the construction of new homes and the effect the road would have by ending it onto the Whitchurch lane which is a residential road.

The mayor tried to calm the nerves of the angry residents by explaining the reason why there is a need to tackle the traffic problem in south Bristol and the importance of new residential establishments.

Bristol is forecasted to experience population growth of about 100,000 in ten years. There are also 11,000 people in the wait list of the housing project and over 500 families living in temporal settings. The mayor used these facts to justify why the housing project is important to the Bristol area and the residents.

The mayor ended the meeting by challenging the residents to propose new routes for the road and alternative plans for the housing project.