Staggering Compensation Costs Given to Cyclists for Pothole Accidents in Cornwall


Cornwall Council pays 12 times more in paying cyclists than motorists for pothole compensation claims.

According to the investigation conducted by Cycling UK, between 2013/2014 and 2017/2018, the council paid out around £4,531 each for three cyclist compensation claims while paying out around £372 each for 277 motorists.

These figures explain that while potholes are an inconvenience for both cyclists and motorists, they are more likely to cause injury and death to cyclists.

Over the years, Cornwall has paid out £116,704 for pothole compensation claims between 2013/2014 and 2017/2018, and £13,592 is for cyclists while £103,112 is for motorists.

After taking all legal costs into account, pothole claims costs the Cornwall council a total amount of £129,799 over five years.

Across Britain, pothole compensation claims cost councils twenty-six times more in paying out cyclists than paying out motorists.

The average compensation payout amount for every motorist was more or less £339. However, councils have paid out around £8,826 for every cyclist for pothole-related incidents. According to the Cycling UK charity, more and more cyclists are being seriously injured and even killed due to the defective surfaces on the road, which are dreadfully dangerous for all vehicles of all types.

paul Tuohy, Cycling UK CEO, said: “Cyclists are running the gauntlet when riding on British roads following a decade of underinvestment leading to the poor state they’re currently in,”

“Potholes aren’t just an expensive nuisance, they are ruining lives.”

The charity obtained the information gathered through a series of requests for Freedom of Information across the UK. In total, 156 responded.

According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance, after years of underinvestment in road networks, £9.3 billion will be needed to repair the damages on British roads.

“The Government is going to spend £25bn on maintaining and building new motorways, while effectively each year it finds some loose change for the problem of potholes on local roads,” said Mr Tuohy.


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