Storm Gareth Hits Gloucestershire and Affects the Cheltenham Festival 2019


Gloucestershire is yet another stormy weather as the storm Gareth hits the area. The storm brought heavy rains and strong winds almost across the UK. According to The Weather Channel’s Claire Fry, the storm Garett is to continue lashing the country until midweek.

Wind gusts of a maximum of 40 to 50 mph and a minimum of 30 to 35 mph were recorded Tuesday overnight. Ireland and North West Britain residents should also expect strong winds of about 40 to 45 mph as the storm nears their area. Northern Ireland should prepare as strong gusts could reach as high as 70 to 80 mph on their coastal area.

Some roads are also temporarily closed. The A466 road in the Forest of Dean, North of Bigsweir Bridge was closed as a tree falls down and blocks the way. A crash has also been reported on the northbound road of M5 which caused stationary traffic in the area.

Due to this occurrence, the famous Cheltenham Festival has been greatly affected. The strong winds pose a threat to the temporary structures that have been put up specifically for the event. Simon Claisse, the Clerk of the race course, said that according to the weather forecast, gales might continue until throughout the day, which might be quite challenging for the racegoers and the event organizers. He also added that they will continue to monitor the situation and will make sure to keep everyone updated.

The Met Office reminded the racegoers as the storm Garett is still affecting the Cheltenham Festival. They can expect the following:

  • Journey on public transports like buses and trains might take longer than expected.
  • There might be delays on roads and bridges due to heavy traffic and possible flooding.
  • There might power loss in some areas, especially those heavily affected by the storm.
  • Coastal areas are to expect high waves and sprays.

Since storm Garett is not yet seen leaving the country anytime soon, everyone is reminded to be cautious and stay safe.


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