Storms By Friday As Devon And Cornwall Weather Changes Again This Week


Most of Britain will experience less cold weather for the next few days as a result of the pressure rising.

This will enable more settled conditions to dominate during the early part of the week, with temperatures recovering slowly after the chilly weekend.

However, a deep low currently forming in the Atlantic, could pile into Britain by Friday to bring a blustery end to the working week.

There will be a cold, crisp beginning to the week with temperatures as low as -5C on Monday morning and many locations experiencing a frosty start.

By midweek, there will be milder weather in the UK and it should be mostly dry before showers move in from the east.

Tuesday will bring some cloud and rain to eastern regions of the country. It should be mainly dry for most from Wednesday with occasional outbreaks of rain in the west.

Showers will roll in for many on Thursday as the wind direction changes and a wet and windy blast from the Atlantic is set to soak much of the UK during Friday with heavy rain and gale force winds spreading from the west.

Temperatures will recover to near-normal levels towards the end of the week. A spokesperson for The Weather Channel said: “There will be a recovery to around average temperatures through the coming week over after the cold plunge of the weekend as conditions become more unsettled and rain or showers move in from the Atlantic.”

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