Tapas bar in Clifton closes after less than a year


Restaurant closures are a common occurrence just recently in Bristol. The most recent closure is Pintxo on Whiteladies Road. Just this May, Pintxo was reviewed by a food reviewer, named Mark Taylor from Bristol Live, and he stated that the restaurant was “a welcome addition to the area”. Despite the good review, the Spanish restaurant appears to have closed; they first opened just last spring. Pintxo has two other branches located in Bath and in Fowey, Cornwall; both branches appear to be in great shape. But their Bristol branch website only shows a holding page, and the branch’s doors have been locked for the entire weekend.

According to Mark Mentzel, the owner of Pintxo, that it is currently a difficult time in the restaurant business. Mark admitted that Whiteladies Road was a poor choice of location, but he assures that the other two branches are not in any sort of trouble. Their team worked hard for the branch’s success, but it fell short, which led Mark and his co-owner Teresa Mentzel to make the hard decision of closing the branch.

Mark Mentzel and Teresa Mentzel, owners of Pintxo, are of Spanish decent. Teresa is from Sanlucar de Barremada. Teresa’s hometown is regarded as the home of sherry, and the restaurant’s main inspiration is the bustling tapas bars located in San Sebastian. The map of San Sebastian can be seen on one wall at the back of the restaurant. A pintxo, pinchu or pincho, is a traditional small snack usually eaten in bars in northern Spain. Hence, Mark and Teresa named their restaurant “Pintxo”.

Pintxo is not the only restaurant that closed its doors in Clifton. Earlier this week, Shop 3 Bistro also closed their doors. Fortunately for Pintxo, their two other branches are still in business and hopefully won’t suffer the same fate as their Whiteladies Road branch.


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