9 Villages in Somerset to get Faster Broadband


A total of 9 villages in Somerset will soon get a faster internet connection as the rollout of faster broadband will soon be implemented in the county. Two of the villages, which are located near the Crewkerne, will be getting the rollout soon, but the remaining villages will have to wait a little bit longer as delays hit the program. Majority of the places in Somerset have struggled with the slowest internet connection in the country, and the rollout was a welcome development to all residents.

Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) together with Gigaclear is spearheading the project as they are already starting to build the infrastructure that is necessary for the rollout. The two companies are using public money in order to subsidize the rollout project even though some areas are not profitable at all. The project, now on its second phase, is targeting 95% of the households in Somerset and Devon to have easy access to at least 30 Mbps of internet speed.

However, Gigaclear is currently on notice of default of all its Somerset contracts as the delay of the program has been evident in the last few months. The Somerset City Council is also currently withholding other public subsidies until a sound action play will be formulated by Gigaclear. The delayed has been dubbed by a county councilor as catastrophic as the need of the companies involved to act immediately is needed.

Katriona Lovelock, the programme manager, has already updated the members of the county council’s policies and have already placed a scrutiny committee in Taunton last April 5. In a statement, she described the situation as “extremely regrettable,” and the board has already warned Gigaclear that the situation cannot be continued indefinitely. Ms. Loveloack has also confirmed the villages that will soon get an upgraded internet connection once the rollout is done.



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