Best Smart City Project Award Goes to Bristol, for Integrated Active Traffic Management System


Bristol City Council (BCC) came on top at this year’s Smarter Travel Awards. It was named winner of the Best Smart City Project award for the development of its Traffic Control Service – the council’s new Bristol Operations centre got this integrated in 2017.

The award was announced as part of the Smarter Travel Live! 2018 integrated mobility conference and exhibition. The Smarter Travel Awards holds annually, with the aim of recognizing and showcasing people, technologies, and smart projects that are defining future mobility, and to celebrate their success and impact. The scheme that shows a well-rounded approach to becoming more sustainable, cleaner, safer, and smarter wins the Best Smart City Project award. All the prerequisites that make a ‘smart city’ such as physical and digital infrastructure, data, connectivity, air quality, intelligent mobility, and other applications, must be reflected by the winner.

Bristol’s new traffic management system is cloud-hosted, which means that not only is it robust, but also resilient, secure, and backed-up routinely ensuring that it is future-proof. The network’s traffic signals at crossings and junctions are connected to the adaptive platform. This optimizes the flow of traffic at controlled junctions and reduces delays on the road.

Craig Cheney acknowledged that the Bristol Operations Centre has been growing stronger over the past year, as it provides an essential service in an innovative space. The traffic management team of the council can be more coordinated and function more efficiently with the use of Siemens Mobility’s technology.

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