Human-like Robots Developed in Cornwall


Engineered Art, a company famous for its RoboThespian, has veered into making robots that look like humans.

Its creation, Mesmer has human-like skin texture and facial features.

The Penryn-based firm has already sold three to Sai Teerth devotional theme park. The robots will impersonate religious men and read devotionals.

The robots, which were designed in Cornwall, have also been used to advertise Westworld HBO TV series, featuring Thandie Newton and Ed Harris.

Westworld Park is a futuristic park for members of high class society. It allows visitors live out their artificial consciousness fantasies and provides robots to cater to them.

Michael Todd, Engineered Art’s Content Creative Producer said, “We placed a Mesmer in a London pub with the real person it is based on for a commercial promoting Westworld on NOW TV and that was really cool.

“Our real life Ted knew he was having a robot being built to resemble him, but up until that point, he had not been introduced to his digital doppelganger. To say he was pleased with the result is putting it mildly.”

“Our new robots have had a lot of development and we’re already selling a few which is great. We have more on our order books which is even better.

“We sold three to this religious theme park in India where our robots impersonate religious figures and talk to the disciples and perform the gurus’ famous speeches. That’s different to what we’ve done before but it’s also really cool.”

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