Tesco stabbing incident victim now on road to recovery


Almost a month ago, a stabbing incident at a local Tesco carpark in Trowbridge had almost put the life of a man at risk. 

Wiltshire Police continued their investigation with regard to the crime being related to drug use and abuse. To date, three youngsters,  two of them were aged 17 and the other 16, had been in police custody and had been undergoing interrogations regarding the incident. One of the older suspects appeared before the Magistrate and was heard on the case of possession of a sharp object, a knife. However, he was released subsequently after agreeing to pay conditional bail. 

The incident happened last February 19, where a man was stabbed by unknown individuals at a Tesco carpark and was discovered shortly by people nearby, who called for help. The man had received first aid treatment on the wounds obtained from the stabbing and was rushed to the nearest hospital in the region. As of today, doctors who have attended to him reported of his gradual recovery but stated that he’ll continue to be placed under observation until the lacerations healed.  

Police officers were positive that the leads obtained from witnesses of the incident would bring justice to the victim and teach a lesson to everyone else about how drug use and abuse could lead to gruesome criminal activities. 


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