The cleaning of Bristol Temple Meads cycle racks


The central Railway station of Bristol city has got an overcrowding situation to deal with, but this time it’s not the commuters. It is the long queues of bikes which have been either abandoned or have overstayed their permissible time limit on the bike racks. The Bristol Temple Meads railway station has allowed free on-platform bike stations for commuters to park their bikes. Added with the security layer of CCTV protection at the station, the station makes a perfect parking spot for bike commuters.

However, the limited space has been provided by the city only for daily commuters. By removing the cycles, the station management intends to free up enough space for new ticket gates inside the platform. All the cycles at the station have been tagged by the authorities, and those unclaimed till 31st January will be removed from their racks. The concerned person may contact the British Transport Police for retrieval of a removed bike.

Station manager Andy Phillips added: “Network Rail wants to provide the best possible experience for passengers using the station and that means ensuring all our bike spaces are available and not taken up by abandoned bikes, or those stored here for extended periods.”

If the bike remains unclaimed even after their procurement by the Transport Police, they will be donated to the city authority for charitable purposes. The work will be a joint operation of Network rail in conjunction with Great Western Railway and the British Transport Police.