The draw for the millionaire mansion competition has been extended


A millionaire held a competition that allowed for one lucky winner to walk away with a £2.3m mansion, a Rolls Royce, £50,000 cash and paid staff for a year. The mansion is located at a mid-Devon hamlet. It has a sweeping driveway, fully stocked wine celar, three-hole golfing course, 10 acres of beautiful landscape, a gym and a separate leisure complex with a swimming pool.

Along with the main prize, nine runner-ups are to receive £10,000 each. To stand a chance of winning, people were to buy tickets that cost £10.50.

20% of the proceeds will be given to charity. A main set of charities including British Red Cross, Help for Heroes and Make a Wish Foundation would receive half of the funds while other charities across the country would share the other half.

The draw date was originally set on November 28, 2018. This date has now been moved to 30 November, 2019. This is to allow the company behind the competition spread the word further and ultimately, sell more tickets. The goal is to sell 500 thousand tickets with only 1 million tickets available.

Current ticket holders have expressed their displeasure about the news. In a statement, the company apologized and explained the reasons for the extension. The completion is to help raise money for charities including Marine Conservation Society, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, Demeizas, Over the Wall, Farms for City Children, Edna Adna Foundation, Balloons Devon and Global’s Make Some Noise.


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