The Fate of the Plan to Build Affordable Homes


The planning officers at Cornwall have come up with a proposal to build affordable homes for the poor residents in the villages. After placing it in the Council, there is an objection by some of the councilors. The new houses were set to be set up in Nancledra, a move that has been received well by the residents.

According to the plan from the planning officers, nine homes are in the process of being built in Nancledra. The officers have recommended that the council approves the proposal with some conditions set for those inhabitants. Five of the houses are to be set aside for affordable rent while the rest will be left out for shared ownership with the occupiers. The homes will have two parking spaces each.

The Towednack Parish Council has rejected the plan. The council indicated that the site is not the best for the construction of affordable homes. The board preferred the site changed. The council supports the idea of coming up with the houses but want the location changed.

The council is divided on the issue as some of the councillors are supporting the plan while others are opposing it. The Parish Councillor is one of the antagonists of the project. She argues that the site is not the best for the construction. Despite the picture portrayed by the media, she insists that it’s a wrong move to have it there. On the other hand, Councillor Andrew supports the proposal to build affordable houses in Nancledra. In support of the plan, Councillor Mitchell says that the idea is an excellent improvement to the earlier recommendations.

In the end, the proposal on building the affordable houses is getting support with nine votes against three votes. One councillor was absent during the voting.


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