The UK sets January 15 as the date to vote on Brexit


The British Prime Minister’s office has announced on Tuesday that British MPs will vote on the Brexit deal on January the 15th.  AFP reports that Theresa May confirmed that the commons will vote on her Brexit deal in the coming week. This is one month after a sense of defeat made her postpone the vote.

If the agreement is rejected, London could choose to delay departing from the European Union.

May is still struggling to convince her Conservative party and opposition lawmakers to back the deal. She fears that Britain will ultimately leave the EU deal less on March 29.

On Tuesday, the prime minister lost a vote to MPs who are opposing Brexit without an accord. This has created a critical obstacle to May’s deal less Brexit.

The Prime minister is trying to win over the MPs and critics by trying to confirm from the EU some elements of the deal particularly the Northern Ireland bit.

The spokesman to the office said, ” The work to secure those assurances is ongoing.”

There are ongoing rumors that Britain could delay Article 50 by two years to give Theresa more time to make sure the deal is agreed. However, May still insist that in March, Britain will still exit the EU.

The allegations of an extension were further fueled when Margot James, a junior British minister suggested that the government may delay the exit if May loses the vote next week. However, Stephen Barclay the Brexit Secretary and May’s spokesman denied the allegations that article 50 will be extended.

May has insisted that extending Article 50 to delay Brexit is not a government policy. The possibility of a delay has been discussed by European officials, but British officials have not discussed the idea.

The debate on the Brexit deal will be closed on January 15 when parliament votes on the Brexit deal.