The Wiltshire Council Is Hailed As One Of The Slowest When It Comes To Repairing Potholes


The Wiltshire Council is aiming to fix potholes within one day after being informed that it is far slower compared to the two hours of most common response time. According to the data obtained by the RAC Foundation, the county has a much slower response time than UK’s fastest councils which can act within minutes.

It is revealed that the Wiltshire Council uses a “risk-based” outlook when it comes to fixing potholes according to the Freedom of Information that was requested by the motoring organization.

It means that they will not only consider the size of the pothole but also the volume of traffic and the possible impact on road users. That means that a minor obstruction on a major route will be more prioritized than a deep pothole on quiet lanes.

The Wiltshire Council will only get involved if the potholes are at least 25-cm wide and 10-cm deep. While on major busy routes, the potholes need to be at least 25-cm wide and 4-cm deep before being investigated.

It would take up to three months when it comes to fixing up less dangerous potholes that are reserved for distinct repairs in the county.

Meanwhile, the least irritating obstructions may not be repaired at all, but instead, the council will keep an eye on it in case the complication worsens.

When it comes to fixing potholes, the Hampshire County Council had the fastest response time of two hours while repairing minor potholes could take up to two months.

According to the AA, potholes cost insurance companies and drivers a staggering £12 million in 2018.