Three murder hearings expected to take place in Cornwall


Three murder trials will go down in Cornwall starting next month. Usually, homicide court cases take place once or twice annually as slaughter crimes are sporadic in Cornwall. However,  this time around, three hearings will occur consecutively.

Mrs. Justice May will lead the hearing

Mrs. Justice May, the high court adjudicator is the one who will be in charge. One trial will occur at Plymouth Crown Court whereas the other two at Truro Crown Court. Homicide cases bring about a lot of scrutiny from the media. The public is not left behind as there is a lot of commotion from citizens as they follow up to cow what happens next to the suspects accused of committing such dreadful crimes. All the accused have pleaded their innocence and will be contesting their blamelessness.

Thomas Curd and Abigail Leatherland

On 11th March, Thomas and Abigail will stand to defend their purity as regards a murder case. Both are blamed for killing a child. Thomas who is currently thirty-one years old and his counterpart, Abigail, twenty-six years are condemned to have committed the disastrous crime in October 2017. The patrol reported that at the moment an ambulance responded to an emergency in Liskeard, the kid was found inexpressive. She was taken to Derriford Hospital but passed on shortly. Investigators were later on given the task to examine the case which led to the arrest of the two suspects.

Cases will occur locally

Abigail lives in Liskeard whereas Thomas comes from Watford. Initially, both had denied several charges one of them being involved in and allowing the killing of a toddler. On that same hearing, there was a request from one of the accused legal teams to shift the trial, but the application got rejected. Judge Mr. James Dingermans, who declined the request, insisted that it was only acceptable for the case to be heard locally. Abigail has since then been released on bail whilst Thomas is in detention.


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