Three Teens Arrested in Stab Murder Probe


A murder happened on a night last Tuesday. The victim was identified to be a young man at the age of 17 and was declared dead on the spot at the crime scene. Three suspects were arrested by Wiltshire police.

Police responded to a call of an assault at Caledonian Road, at a proximate intersection in Tilloch St, Islington, on Tuesday at 6:49 pm.

Police officers arrested two young men with ages 17 and 16. The suspects were arrested near the scene of the crime. They are now detained at North London Police Station.

In addition, another man was arrested at a place in Islington. The suspect arrested was also a young man with the age of 18. He was also detained together with the other suspects at North London Police station.

Police officials, together with emergency vehicles and ambulance, were present at the crime scene. They quickly isolated the crime scene to the public, making sure that no one comes in and that to preserve and retrieve whatever crucial evidence that might be left by the proprietors.

The court issued a Section 60 and search order. This court order allows police officers to take pursuit of any person at a given location. The search order was due until Wednesday at 3 am and the police have searched Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park, Bloomsbury and Islington.

Police are still investigating the stabbing incident as of this writing and are hoping for a quick resolution of this case.

The police are encouraging the citizens to give reliable information to call the police or “Crimestoppers anonymously” with hotline numbers 101 and 0800 555111, respectively.


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