Trafficked to Bristol at Teenage to Sell Her Body


Sam started the campaign for women rights as a result of the bitter experience she got as a vulnerable child after she was introduced to drugs and sexual abuse. She was forced to the streets of Bristol as a teenager to sell her body.

The Origin of Sam’s Experience

The pimp introduced Sam to prostitution at the age of 15 years. She was tricked by the love and affection that was offered to her by him. Any attempt to leave the streets would not succeed as the pimp would always go after her and return Sam to the streets full of drugs and commercial sex. Sam got a small commission on the money she earned from prostitution. Many years later was the time she was able to get out of commercial sex but was left with a heavy task of fighting her drug addiction status.

Sam is now a rehabilitated 80-year-old lady fighting for the rights of women. For the past ten years, she has been campaigning for women’s rights. She talks about herself to the general public so as to end the attitude of the public on commercial sex workers. In her story, she dislikes much of what she went through in the streets.

How Young Girls End Up on the Streets

Sam’s landing into the street is no different from the streets of other girls. She got into the bad company of girls and women who were already commercial sex workers at the age of 14. They introduced her to the pimp who would later force her to prostitution.

According to Sam, the pimps know where and how to get these vulnerable girls. They look at girls who feel that they are worthless. Giving them a little affection for pay would force any teen to fall into their trap. Trying to escape would find her beaten and dragged out of the house she was hiding in. She had to try a way out due to the physical and psychological torture she got.


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