Llanthony Road to Close until Thursday Morning, Authorities Disclosed

Photo by Travis Saylor from Pexels

Llanthony road, a major route that serves motorists in and out of Gloucester, will be temporarily closed overnight as engineers will be working overnight to fix the highly-busy road. Authorities have already informed the riding public to take an alternative route in the evening and go to work in the morning tomorrow. The road’s closure will start from Over Causeway down heading to the junction which is near the High Orchard Pub and Sainsbury’s.

The said closure is part of the multi-million investments to the county’s roads and the need to fix them due to the cracking of the asphalt which happened last winter. The Gloucestershire County Council had advised the public that this is a part of the council’s priority in investing and improving all the county’s highways and the best time to do is working over the winter. The city council also advised the riding public to plan ahead and make an alternative travel arrangement to avoid problems while going in and out of the city.

In view of this, a diversion will be in place around the city center surrounding the Gouda Way, Black Dog Way, Bruton Way, Trier Way, and St. Ann Way. A spokesman from the city council has said that the completion of this resurfacing program depends on several factors as it can be affected by heavy rains, temperature changes, and other weather disturbances. The services might also be affected by technical issues and plant breakdowns which are not beyond the control of the government.

The city council also advised the affected motorists to keep track of the dates and details of the resurfacing program in all of the council’s social media account as changes are always bound to happen due to several factors. It is for the motorist’s benefit to be updated to avoid inconvenience in the future.

It should be noted that the City Council is also planning on widening the road from a single lane to two in the future which will definitely affect motorists and residents alike.


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