Major Changes Proposed by Stagecoach for Forest of Dean Buses


This week, passengers will have a chance to share their thoughts about a proposal for the major restructuring of bus services for the Forest of Dean.

The proposal was presented by Stagecoach and it included massive changes to the timetable that is currently being used in the region.

The proposed changes were opposed by many as it makes smaller villages like Brierley, English Bicknor, and Parkend miss out on transportation services. They also make the main bus service between the towns Cinderford and Gloucester crossed off from hourly to half-hourly services.

According to Stagecoach, the company needs to make wholesale changes due to the small number of people using the buses. The Forest of Dean timetable also does not carry subsidies.

Today, consultation starts in Lydney Bus Station located in South Gloucestershire, and on Tuesday, it is expected to move to Cinderford Triangle and to Coleford Square on Thursday.

The staff will go to all three town centres between 10:00 o’clock to 1:00 o’clock to receive feedback on the proposals. The company pledged to get on-board comments before deciding to publish the final timetable which is expected to be effective on the last part of this year.

Rupert Cox, a Stagecoach chief, claims there will be positive and negative impacts on Forest passengers because the changes can better reflect the current pattern of usage.

According the Cox, cutting the service for Cinderford to Gloucester can mean extra buses for the town of Mitcheldean, and it can also mean better links for Joys Green and nearby places.

The details of the new network are on the website. However, it doesn’t include the details of the proposed changes to the current bus services.

According to a spokesman, these proposed changes were made to help the people of the Forest shape a “sustainable bus network for the future” .


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