More Than 40 000 Speeding Ticket Issues over 12 months in Devon and Cornwall


Over a year, Devon and Cornwall have reported having 40,000 plus drivers caught with speeding cases as new data unraveled.

Devon and Cornwall are reported to have a 98 percent facing reinforcement action. However, the figures are said to be one of the lowest reported speeding cases throughout the country.

To be more specific, 42,888 speeding drivers were detected by the police in Devon and Cornwall. According to the study results released by the RAC Foundation, the reported speeding cases were between April 2017 and March 2018.

The figure only shows that there’s approximately a rate of 25 offences per 1,000 people in the area. This is known to be one of the lowest in England and Wales.

These infractions were all thanks to the speed cameras who capture those vehicles which surpassed the driving speed limit in the country.

Among the offenders that were caught, 51 percent were offered and had the opportunity to have a chance to take courses with regards to speed awareness; some were given a fine that compromises about 43 percent of the offenders.

In comparison to England and Wales, Devon has a surprisingly higher percentage than the compared places which compromise about an average of 34 percent. Of all the offenders, those who faced court action could reach up to 4 percent and cancelled cases were only 2 percent.

In every 1000 drivers, there are 40 who drive beyond the speed limit. This rate resulted in 2.3 million drivers caught by the police over the year across England and Wales.

This rate is being exceeded by Avon and Somerset. In these, there are 120 speeding drivers for every 1,000 drivers in the place. On the other hand, Gwent had less than one offence per 1,000 which is the lowest speeding case rate recorded.

The EU agreed to have provisional plans to minimise these cases. In 2022, default devices will be installed in new cars that will be sold in the UK with the capability to stop them from breaking the limited speed. New rules would apply to the UK according to the Department of Transport despite Brexit.


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