New Traffic Surveillance Technology Aims to Catch Tailgaters and Careless Drivers on A417 and A419 Roads


Gloucestershire Police had just revealed the footage of drivers violating traffic rules along the highways of A417 and A419 using the highly-advanced camera technology as part of their operations on road safety. 

Police officers have officially released to press their use of highly-advanced equipment in order to handle traffic violations more effectively and tackle organized crimes. Through the new technology, they could capture the speed the vehicle is travelling with, the driver and passenger and the prohibited driving activities they do. This could easily be taken as evidence should they issue traffic violations to motorists and drivers.

The most common violation drivers commit along the highway is the use of their mobile phones, which they could easily deny should a police officer stop their vehicle. With the new technology, drivers with minor traffic violations could no longer escape penalties and sanctions. 

Martin Surl, Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, had a talk about the new technology at the launch of the pilot project, Operation Indemnis, that would pursue a new collaborative approach to A417 and A419 traffic policing. The said routes were major strategic routes that link Gloucestershire and Wiltshire and the motorways of M4 and M5. These routes have been known as major accident hotspots, adding up to major road traffic problems as these highways cater up to 35,000 vehicles per day at their peak hours. The said operation can help educate drivers to become more effective behind the wheels in order to avoid major road accidents, which could have cost serious damage on properties, especially with their vehicles, as well as injuries or worst, loss of life or limbs. 

The said operation has been launched through a lay-by on Granny’s Pump, which is along A417 between Cirencester and the Cheltenham and Gloucester outskirts. They have expected to make this operation successful in order to bring this road traffic mapping and surveillance technology to any road network in the county. 


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