Ongoing Updates On A Crash At A Junction in South Bristol


In Bedminster area of South Bristol, a hatchback car in silver was involved in a crash right at the junction of Marksbury and Bedminster road. The car reportedly had rolled over and was on its roof as seen in pictures taken by eyewitnesses. The said junction was closed shortly after the crash, with police, ambulance and fire crew all present at the scene.

Three Fire Stations to the Rescue

The Bedminster, Temple and Avonmouth fire stations were quick to attend to the said incident. Bedminster Fire Station, who came to the scene prior to others, told that the driver was the only casualty and that he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance right away.  Some images shared by the same fire station showed that they had to take off the doors of the silver car in order to free the driver.

Reports from the Ambulance Service

A couple of hours after the incident, the roads have been reopened according to recent traffic data. Further information is due to be reported by Southwestern Ambulance Service (SAS) to scale the damages incurred and to confirm the condition of the driver.

The Statement from SAS Spokesperson

After another approximately two hours since the roads became accessible to the public, the Spokesperson of Southwestern Ambulance Service was quoted to have said that an adult male was indeed brought specifically to the Bristol Royal Infirmary through the help of a road ambulance. He further accounted that it was a case of a traffic collision, and they were called into the scene at exactly 4:27 pm on April 20th.

In this particular incident, their good office made sure to provide at least one ambulance, an operations officer and members of their Hazard Area Response team. Other reports are still coming in and updates are ongoing for this crash incident.


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