Road Closure of a Major Bristol Commuter Route


B3130 Bristol Road is a major commuter route into Bristol which runs from Nailsea to Wraxall. It will be closed starting April 9 till May 6 due to the installation of fiber-optic cables. The closure will enforce from the Hillcrest House to the Gable Farm.

The route is the busiest route in Bristol. Thousands of people use the same path to visit the North Somerset show.

Road closure does not happen at B3130 Bristol Road alone as other areas that the Kier contractors work on also lay their cables in place of Gigaclear.

Here’s the complete list of all the road closure:
1. The Wraxall Hill: March 20 – March 29
2. Grovel, in Wraxall: March 23 – April 1
3. B3130 Bristol Road: April 9 – May 6

There is also a bus re-route that helps the commuters with the road diversion. Aside from the re-route, work will carry out between 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday while 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

Local officers and traffic management ensure local and public safety throughout the work and provide clear directions that limit any impact and delay to residents as well as drivers. Also, personnel from Kier will supervise on the site during the road works and will advise the people of the diversion.

Road diversion includes bus stops close to local companies. If there’s none, there will be temporary stops provided. The stops will not only be close but will also be safe and practical to the location.

A spokesman from Kier wishes his apologies for any inconvenience. He also aims that the disruption will maintain at a minimum.

The diversions include the place along the Clevedon Road and the Belmont Hill. The hotline number 0845 2000 214 is open for any questions regarding this matter.


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