Sowton Park and Ride to Remain Close while Police Tries to Evict Travelers

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

The Sowton Park and Ride will remain closed on Thursday as authorities will try to evict the travellers who have sought refuge in the car park a few days ago. The Devon City Council decided to close the area last Wednesday after a group of travellers has locked themselves up after arriving at the car park last Sunday. According to authorities, the closure will continue as the police and the city council is still trying to secure a legal notice that will be used to remove the unauthorized occupants from the car park.

The decision to remain the car park closed was for the safety of the general public, as said by the authorities. Devon and Cornwall Police, along with representatives from the Devon City Council, will be going to the Exeter Country Court Thursday morning to seek a possession order of the Sowton Park and Ride site.

Meanwhile, the closure of the area has affected several motorists after bus services were cancelled, including visitors and patients of the nearby Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital which were all stranded. In addition to that, people who want to go to the City Center and the County Hall in Topsham Road also need to make an alternative route and travel arrangements as of this moment.

Police was called on Wednesday morning when several witnesses noticed some disturbances in the area. It was reported that there were some tensions between the police and travellers as the authorities were checking on them. An estimate of about seven caravans was seen to have parked at the top of the park and ride site, as witnesses said. Authorities have informed the general public to use the Honiton Road Park and Ride site as an alternative service while the Sowton Park and Ride site is still close.


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