Two Men Arrested and Accused of Rape in Cheltenham


Two men were arrested by the police authorities in the span of two days for the suspicion of raping an innocent woman in Cheltenham last Saturday morning. Arrested last Sunday was a 26-year-old man while a second suspect was arrested Monday night after the Gloucestershire Constabulary has called the public to locate a group of men who assisted and helped a distressed woman who has allegedly suffered a sexual assault by unknown assailants.

According to Detective Inspector Claire Nutland of the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences team, they received a call two hours after appealing publicly to locate the group of men who helped the victim the previous day. Detective Nutland expressed his gratitude to the group who helped the victim and the general public who helped and shared the appeal. It was a joint team effort from all that are involved as the police arrested two suspects from the incident.

It was recalled that around 8:00 am on Saturday, a group of men riding in a black sever-seater vehicle found a distressed woman in one of the streets in Cheltenham. The group then stopped and helped the woman returned to her home. Upon the investigation of the police, the woman had been a victim of a serious sexual assault by unknown assailants. The appeal was made when the authorities learn that there were a group of men who helped the victim in returning to her home. The authorities have stressed that the group of men was in no way connected and linked to the crime.

The group of men, fortunately, have made contact with the authorities right away to give light to the case. Meanwhile, the two arrested men were released temporarily as the authorities continued their inquiries and preliminary investigation.





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