UK Prime Minister Theresa May Trumped by Cross Party Alliance on Brexit Voting


Parliament members voted a 303 vs 296 result in favor of limiting government tax powers in the event of a no Brexit deal. The bill that was passed was an amendment bill which would restrict some of the tax powers of the administration if the Brexit is forcibly pushed through without a majority vote from the parliament.

In light of the Brexit deal, about Twenty Conservative MPs were against May’s administration. Twenty of which included Ken Clarke, Oliver Letwin, Michael Fallon, and Dominic Grieve. Letwin also mentioned to the Parliament that he will have to vote against his government and against the Brexit deal even though he doesn’t desire to. This is to protect the interests of the country for the future of the exit.

UK PM May’s defeat on the bill amendment was already an indication that opposition was getting ready for when the UK will make a move to exit the European Union forcibly. BBC reported that Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn views this move as a prevention of a no-deal Brexit. Corbyn also stated that it is a clear sign that the majority of the parliament is not in favor of exiting without terms.

In order for the Brexit deal to push through, the parliament must pass seven bills covering agriculture, finance, fisheries, immigration, and trade before March. The Guardian reported that several government sources state that financial problems will definitely rear in upon conclusion of the Brexit deal come March. The amendment would allow for more emergency legislation in the event of strong financial crises wherein the government can step in. This would allow some ways for the parliament to deal with imminent financial difficulties.

UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal will be facing the final vote on January 15 with the UK to leave the EU by March 29, 2019.