Unidentified body found during an ongoing search for a missing man


A corpse of an unidentified person was found in Hartcliffe during an ongoing search operation for Mr. Martin Brooks, who was reported lost months ago. The body has been brought to postmortem and has not been identified as of today. 

Several specialist officers were brought to the crime scene along with police officers from Avon and Somerset who were also helping in the investigation. The corpse was found last Sunday, February 3, while the police continue their search operation for Mr. Brooks, who was reported as missing since December 18, 2018.

The body was located on an area near Briscoes Avenue, Wroughton Drive, and Hawkfield Road and reported to be found around 1:10 PM. A separate investigation about the unidentified body was immediately processed by Avon and Somerset police who quickly cordoned the area as a crime scene.

As of today, the forensic team has not found any conclusive causes of the unidentified person’s death. More examinations will be done by the team in the following days, but they have not made any promises except that it would take some time for formal identification to be done in this case. The postmortem test has also been inconclusive. 

Inasmuch as the unidentified individual was found during the investigation of Mr. Brooks’ disappearance, the investigators never concluded that the dead person is Mr. Brooks or may be linked to his case. Police will continue to post updates about the investigation of both cases in the next few days.  

 Mr. Brooks has been seen in his friend’s house and was said to have left to visit some shops in the area. Since then, he has not been found. The search still continues as police also worked on identifying the dead body. Those who may have seen Mr. Brooks, whether alive or not, may contact Emergency line 101 and provide the operator the reference number 5218282436. 


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