Waitrose Supermarket Prioritizes Eliminating the Use of Black Plastic on Their Products


Waitrose Supermarket made an announcement that since 2018, they have already started eliminating the use of black plastic from their products.

The goal of Waitrose Supermarket is to stop and eliminate all the use of black plastic from their own-brand products until the end of 2019. Currently, they have already achieved half of the goal.

Since 2018, they have already eliminated 1,300 tonnes of black plastic from their products. Waitrose is not anymore using black plastic and has stopped its use when it comes to their own-brand products such as in the packaging of their fresh meat, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

This goal came from the fact that black plastic is hard to recycle. From the statement of the supermarket, they shared that the material found in black plastic is not easy to sort during the recycling process. This means that black plastic usually ends up in the landfill.

When they started this move, they have also begun using less colored plastic on their products. They decided to eliminate the use of trays on their fruit and vegetable products such as apples, pak choi, and broccoli.

As they progress on their goal, they are now also considering to offer ready meals and other products in order to achieve the end goal of the total removal of all black plastic from their offerings until 2019.

The supermarket has stopped using disposable coffee cups since 2009. Instead of loose fruit and veg bags and single-use carrier bags, they switched into compostable alternatives.

Waitrose also plans to use an environmentally friendly alternative for their cards and crackers.